About Us

The Wimbledon Osteopath, established 1990, is a specialist osteopathic clinic set up for you and your whole family. Krystyna’s vision was to present a relaxed and professional place where children and adults could receive safe, and effective top-class osteopathic manual therapy. We strongly believe that you deserve the best pain-relief and health management plan money can buy. At our clinic we give patients our full attention and are always here to provide you with the very best bespoke hands-on treatment you deserve.

Krystyna Zielinski

MSc.Ost.Med D.O. Hons

Krystyna Zielinski osteopath in WimbledonI graduated top of my year with Honours in 1990 from the British School of Osteopathy. My extensive study and experience in both structural and cranial fields alongside my special interest in paediatrics, visceral and neuroscience led me to become one of the first ever UK osteopaths to achieve a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine in 1997.

I am registered with the GOsC  (General Osteopathic Council) and Institute of Osteopathy and insurance approved with all major providers.

I have worked as an Osteopath for over 25 years, including working at the world famous Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Along with a broad range of osteopathic techniques including manipulation and soft tissue bodywork, I specialize in cranial and visceral osteopathy.

I have treated many babies with a wide spectrum of problems including sleep disturbances, suck and swallow issues, reflux, etc. Many of my adult patients also consult me as they prefer a gentle approach to treatment or have a chronic pain problem that has not resolved with other approaches.

I also like to keep fit with yoga, and Pilates and hiking. My extensive personal experience and training allows me to assist patients with recommending suitable gym, mat or fitness programs to help them to develop a self-care maintenance program to keep the problem at bay.

I am fluent in English, French and Polish.

Alessia Iannibelli

M.Ost.Med D.O.

Alessia Lannibelli osteopath treatments in Wimbledon

I am a young and energetic Osteopath registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC.) and the Institute of Osteopathy. My extensive clinical training started with 5 years in Italy followed by further advanced studies that culminated with a prestigious Masters degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Kingston University.

My approach is very broad and patient centric, using both a musculoskeletal (structural) and functional (visceral, fascial and cranial) osteopathic approach which is greatly appreciated by my patients. I am confident and passionate about treating both pregnancy-related and paediatric cases.

I have always been involved in competitive sports, in particular cycling. Now I run, go to the gym, and love to ski. This naturally furthered my special interest in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.  I specialise in kinesiology taping, clinical sports massage and lymphatic drainage massage which can substantially aid recovery after sports or training injuries and can play an integral part to keeping you on track with your chosen fitness regime. I can provide you with tailored exercises and a program to help you achieve and maintain strength, flexibility and good posture.

I am driven by the need to share my knowledge and experience. My aim is to help educate each patient so they can have a better understanding of their condition and a strategy to manage pain.

I am fluent in Italian and English.

Our Goal:

With effective treatment and advice, we believe you shouldn’t need to keep coming back for treatment any longer than it takes to get you feeling consistently better.  Our aim is to get you well enough so that you don’t need to see us anymore!

So what do we do?

  • Take the time to find out about your problem & medical history. We listen to you.
  • Do any necessary tests and examination to reach an effective diagnosis.
  • Always be safe and professional
  • Provide generous hands-on treatment times
  • We treat the bigger picture, rather than only the part that hurts
  • We use a variety of techniques for the patient & problem rather than the easiest or quickest
  • Give relevant advice on how to stay pain-free & avoid injury
  • We offer other specialist care: cranial and visceral osteopathy, paediatric and sports clinics

Feel safe in our hands:

Osteopaths have to train for a minimum of four years. They also have to carry out continuing professional development in order to stay registered.  To comply, they have to demonstrate to the General Osteopathic council that they are safe and competent and this follows strict guidelines.