Your Visit to the Clinic

Your initial appointment will normally last about an hour. For those nervous about treatment, we recommend bringing a friend/family member to reassure you. The time allocated is for consultation and treatment.

A detailed case history will be taken; you will be asked about your presenting ailment as well as your general health and personal/family medical background. This consultation is an essential part in diagnosing and managing your condition.

An examination will be carried out, along with a general postural assessment. This may involve undressing down to your underwear in order for the osteopath to fully assess your posture and muscle tone. Some patients prefer to wear shorts and a vest top.  When necessary we have towels and blankets to keep you covered or warm.

You will be asked to perform a few simple movements to assess how your spine and/or other joints are working. Sometimes more thorough neurological, vascular, respiratory or abdominal testing may also be performed. After the case history and examination, a diagnosis can be made. A suitable treatment plan can then be formulated and explained to you.

Sometimes osteopathic treatment is not appropriate and it is necessary to refer patients on for further tests/examinations with other health care professionals.

Providing you are happy with the treatment plan that is explained to you, treatment will then be carried out.

We work hard to make sure you understand what is going on and what we can do for you and explain things throughout the session.

Please note, we are insurance approved with all major healthcare providers and can work with your company whenever necessary. Please ask them for your policy details and advise us accordingly.

We have a welcoming waiting room for those waiting full of current magazines and toys/books for younger children. All children under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present.

The Treatment

The treatment will be individually tailored to the patient and the diagnosis we make. No two treatments will be exactly the same, as a plan is carefully drawn up for each patient. The treatment used will always take into account the patient’s presenting complaint, their degree of pain, age and state of health. A range of techniques can be used from gentle cranial work, soft tissue massage, joint articulation, or the more direct structural manipulations, when a joint goes ‘click’. The overall aim is to reduce pain and improve overall biomechanics by freeing up restrictions and allowing the body to function optimally.

The number of treatments will vary depending on the patient and the condition. This will be discussed with you at your first appointment.

Krystyna promotes the concept of once better, come and see us for regular MOTs to improve your overall health and vitality or just to keep you moving and feeling better. This can be once a month or season or whenever you feel you are ‘seizing up’. This is why over the past 30 years many of Krystyna’s patients refer to her as ‘ the body mechanic’.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners and a GP referral is not required. Rarely is it available on the NHS. You may need to visit you GP beforehand if your insurance company stipulates so. Please check with your own insurance provider beforehand.

Normally we ask that patients pay us directly and we will then provide them with a receipt so they can claim back the treatment cost from the insurer. Reimbursement will depend on the insurer and the plan you have chosen.

For some, such as BUPA, we have an online system for payment. Please call us to enquire if not sure.

Please note that the patient will be liable for their treatment fee if their insurance company will not cover the fee or there is an excess to pay.

Please note we provide ample free on-site parking, as well as a lockable buggy/bicycle shelter for those arriving for appointments.