Neck Pain Treatments

Up to 40% of the population are likely to experience neck pain at some point in their life. It’s a common debilitating problem.

If you’ve got neck or shoulder pain, pinched nerve or issues from a neck injury, then you’re in good company with the many patients we’ve helped. And if you’re one of the many who sit in front of a computer all day, you probably have learned to live with a stiff neck and tight shoulders.

It can be tricky to assess and treat properly and left unattended, can cause headaches, but that’s where we’re trained to help. Osteopathy is the best manual therapy to assess and treat these issues. We employ either a very gentle approach such as the craniosacral technique or stronger soft tissue massage with spinal manipulation depending on each individual’s needs and preferences.

How does the neck get into trouble?

The neck is essential to support the head and provide valuable movement.

Many different tissues can get into trouble here; the bones and joints of the neck, the discs in between, muscles and ligaments. If your neck pain involves nerves, you may feel numbness, weakness or tingling as well as pain in your shoulder, arm or hand. This referred pain can be caused by injury, trauma, anxiety, stress and awkward sleeping positions and most seriously, from a herniated or ‘slipped’ disc. Whiplash, muscle strain or tension, and above all,poor posture using computers, are all common presenting problems.

There is no need to panic.

Be assured that the majority of neck pain is not due to anything harmful or serious, even if it hurts a lot. In fact, most commonly the joints in the neck simply stiffen up and become over sensitive. Research shows that even though taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication will help reduce some of the pain, it is manual therapy that is most needed to keep everything moving. We specialize in all musculoskeletal problems and with a wide variety of ‘hands-on’ techniques we can get you moving and pain-free again. Remember that treatment only occurs after having taken a full medical history and physical examination.

We can help you.

We offer spinal manipulation to mobilise and rehabilitate joint function and posture that is safe and gentle. We also use soft tissue massage, stretching and traction to alleviate muscle tensions. When necessary, stronger techniques are utilized however we will always take your comfort, personal preferences and past experience into consideration when constructing your treatment program. Rest assured, there is always something we can do to help, young or old. If we believe a more serious pathology is present we do not hesitate to refer you on to the most relevant medical professional.

We can help teach you stretching exercises for your neck and upper back and have a wealth of experience and training for this. Krystyna has a special interest in yoga and Pilates and frequently refers to this when showing patients how they can help themselves stay pain-free. Krystyna is also trained in ergonomics and thus is perfectly suited to showing you how best to arrange your workstation. Tips on how to use your phone, I-pad and computer are common as well as advice on how best to sit or stand at your desk. We can also arrange a consultation at your workplace if you prefer a more bespoke service.

Follow our advice and we’ll get you better faster

We can offer reassuring impartial advice on how best to sleep and keep your neck comfortable. Keeping your back and neck moving, during the day, stops the working parts from seizing up. So, even if it hurts a bit at first, we encourage you to move. Hurt is not the same as harm. We always recommend working through an initial discomfort, as you’ll get back to normal quicker that way. Being fit and active will always help you to prevent further back and neck pain.

Osteopaths are often the first choice for patients who suffer with neck or back pain. Our training and expertise has cemented our reputation. Krystyna has been working for nearly 30 years in the field and brings her wealth of experience to every session and has a long-standing reputation in SW19 as one of the first female registered osteopaths to establish a clinic here and the very first one to gain a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine