Osteopathic treatment is safe and effective during the 9 months of pregnancy. It can help to relieve numerous aches and pains as the body adapts to the growing baby.

Following the birth of the baby, treatment can also help to assess that the pelvis and low back are returned to a comfortable position.

Many pregnant women experience back pain and are commonly told that it is ‘normal’ and that there is no effective treatment.  The results we have had say different.

Both the mechanical stresses and the hormonal changes in the body can lead to the onset of this pain. It can also present very early in the pregnancy, particularly if there has been previous back pain history or trauma.
Occasionally the baby can lie on the sciatic nerve in which case help will only come the when baby moves!
In the latter stages Pubic Symphysis Syndrome can arise and this is greatly relieved by gentle manipulation of the pelvic bones.

All osteopaths here have postgraduate training in paediatrics as well as the advanced treatment of pregnant women. Both cranial osteopathy and the classical structural approach are suitable during preganancy.

Why do pregnant women come and see us?

The reason first time mothers come in for treatment is pain. Their GP, midwife, health visitor or a friend may have recommended us. We have been intimately related to the NCT for nearly 30 years and are often recommended by their members. Back, pelvic or coccyx pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or heartburn and indigestion are some of the most common problems. During pregnancy and in each trimester, new stresses are placed upon the body, plus hormones such as relaxin allow further stretch and expansion as the bump begins to grow and the mother’s body has to adapt to the changes. Mostly this goes to plan, but we can help if all is not well.

Relaxin softens ligaments in pregnancy to allow the baby to pass through the pelvis but in turn, puts more strain on muscles and tendons making them ache. This shifts your centre of gravity forward which can irritate your spine. As the uterus expands, this adds further strain on muscles and ligaments making them ache even more.

The muscles of the tummy are primarily designed to offer support to the low back so we recommend daily exercises to engage those all-important abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Krystyna’s detailed Pilates training can help secure you the perfect program to follow throughout pregnancy and after the birth.

The upper back and shoulders come under strain as breast tissue increases in size; ribs expand and then stretch to make room for the uterus and baby growing up. This places a stress on the diaphragm and ribs that causes aches and pains there, as well as possible indigestion.

In the third trimester, due to the weight of baby and amniotic fluid, more pressure is placed lower down in the region of the low back and pubic symphysis. We have techniques can help relieve pressures in both these areas.

You will always be safe and comfortable in our hands

When treating pregnant women, sitting techniques are often more comfortable due the size of the abdomen and some techniques are performed with the patient on her side, with the bump supported by a folded towel. Osteopathic treatment can help loosen tight muscles, increase joint mobility and improve comfort and mobility for any pregnant woman. There are a myriad of safe and beneficial techniques we can apply to alleviate your pain. We offer advice about birthing positions and prescribe post-partum rehabilitation as part of the continuing care package that we offer to all new mothers.

We pride ourselves on offering a Mother and Baby birth-check appointment where we check both you and the baby and help you on your way to returning to daily life. It’s what every busy mother needs!